mydrugisrocknrollI'm Axelle A. I'm 18 & aquarius (January, 29th). I'm french, and Polish.
I love Rock'n'Roll, the real Rock. I love the Glam Metal & Glam Rock. I hate Nirvana & all that shit. I hate the new wave, the grunge, the k-pop and all ""kawai"" things.
I'm a complicated girl. With me it's hit or miss. I love you or i hate you.
I'm fond of video games and Lord of the Ring.
Music is all my life. I play guitar, a little bit piano and drum. I love bass players.
And yeah, i love Rockstars but i don't give a fuck about their girlfriends. It's their life, i don't care about that. I'm not the kind of girl who's gonna cry because her favorite rockstar has a GF or if he's gay. I love them for the Music.
I love video games, Lord Of The Ring, dancing, writing, party etc.
I don't care if you're black, or fat, or ugly or gay, or... Haha honestly i don't give a fuck about this.
Beauty is a very personal thing.

Mötley Crüe. Aerosmith. Slash. Black Sabbath. Joan Jett. David Bowie. Scorpions. James Kottak. Ronnie Radke. Marilyn Manson. Ozzy Osbourne. Jimi Hendrix. The Rolling Stones.


Some picture are signed in "Zyna-in-zombieland" it's my other Tumblr.



    Route 66

    Route 66

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